Access to healthy, safe and sufficient food is critical to our global population as we continue to grow, urbanize and use more resources. Solutions that will successfully counter the negative effects of both poor nutrition and diet, and local food production is not a simple challenge, but according to research conducted by Kellogg University, smaller supermarkets can increase their profits and margins by focusing on customers who tend to shop between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays.

Offering fresh produce and fresh seafood in addition to ready-to-eat side dishes or meals can help small markets stand out from larger competitors. In addition, doing promotions or advertising to get people into the store more often typically translates into more sales.

Automated smart technology combined with modular growing systems will make it feasible to deploy organic foods and new super food algae cultivation systems, whether they are microfarms and photobioreactors, anywhere in the world without onsite expert personnel. Remote monitoring would enable a central laboratory to support a large number of deployed units to harvest healthy fruits, vegetables & nutriceutical products beneficial to human health.


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